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3LPE / 2LPE / epoxy coating pipes

Haihao Group supply various external coating for pipes such as single-layer/double-layer FBE,2PE(2LPE),3PE(3LPE),3PP and other anti-corrosion coatings with the performed standards such as DIN30670, DIN30671,DIN30678,CAN/CSA-Z245.21-M92,SY/T4013-2002 and SY/T0315-97 etc.

The anti corrosion coating can be used for ERW/LSAW/SSAW pipe,straight seam pipe,seamless steel pipe,etc.And the coated pipes are widely used in pipeline projects in the field of petroleum,chemical, natural gas,heating,sewage treatment,water,bridges,steel structures,piling and other marine water.

Internal and external 2LPE and 3LPE coating steel pipe

Internal and external 2LPE and 3LPE coating steel pipe

Types of anti-corrosion coating:

2LPE/3LPE corrosion coating:

2PE/3PE corrosion structure: the steel surface electrostatic spraying epoxy powder and binder twine lateral lateral wound polyethylene coating,combined with three excellent performance,thereby significantly improving the overall quality of corrosion of the pipe. Resistant to chemical corrosion, cathodic stripping, resistance to mechanical damage performance.

Three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion (3LPE/3PE coating pipe)is currently at home and abroad buried pipe outside the main technical system of anti-corrosion. Its anti-corrosion performance is good, low water absorption, high mechanical strength, in recent years in the domestic buried water, gas, oil pipeline on the access to a wider range of applications.

Coal tar epoxy corrosion coating:

Coal tar epoxy structure: epoxy resin + filler made of coal tar pitch anticorrosive coating on the steel surface coated glass fabric as reinforcement corrosion layer formation,commonly used in the pipe wall corrosion.Thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm.

FBE anticorrosive epoxy powder:

FBE epoxy powder preservative structure:electrostatic spraying epoxy powder coating on the pipe surface,a film.The coating has a coating operation is simple,clean,good impact resistance and flexural properties of the coating, temperature resistance advantages.

Types of anti corrosion coating for steel pipes

Types of anti corrosion coating for steel pipes

Haihao Group supply steel pipes,butt welding pipe fittings,forged pipe fittings and forged flanges more than 30 years,our products are widely used in the following industries:oil,gas,chemical,shipbuilding,water treatment,power plant,steam,construction and other fields all over the world.Therefore,how to reduce the corrosion and rust of products to improve the service life of products is the problem we have been committed to.If you want to know more about our products,please email us:sales@haihaogroup.com


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