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ASTM A179 Boiler Pipe

ASTM A179 seamless pipe is widely used in industries such as petroleum,chemical,medical,food,light industry,machinery,instrument,include industrial pipeline and mechanical structure parts, etc.

Portugal has a project to build boilers,requiring 20000pcs ASTM A179 boiler pipes,the project manager found our company through the website information,our company provides professional advice and competitive prices to our customers,finally we became the supplier of this project.

ASTM A179 seamless carbon pipe
ASTM A179 seamless carbon pipe

ASTM A179 seamless carbon pipe manufactured by HEBEI HAIHAO GROUP has following advantages: high dimensional accuracy,high strength,better corrosion resistance,fine finish.ASTM A179 pipe is delivered as annealed,normalized,normalized and tempered condition.HEBEI HAIHAO GROUP also offers value-added fabrication services:beveled end,black oil surface,galvanized finish,anti-corrosion oil,machining.

ASTM A179 pipes
ASTM A179 pipes

ASTM A179 pipes shall be made by the seamless process and shall be cold drawn.Heat and product analysis shall be performed wherein steel material shall conform to required chemical compositions of carbon, manganese,phosphorus,and sulfur.The steel materials shall also undergo hardness test,flattening test,flaring test,flange test,and hydrostatic test.

HEBEI HAIHAO GROUP supplies ASTM A179 and other steel standards for heat exchanger and condensers,boiler pipe and gas cylinder pipe is also available and supplied in good quality,if you are interested in purchasing good quality seamless pipes from reliable China steel mills,please send an email now!