API 5L B Galvanized Pipe Nipple

What is Galvanized Pipe Nipple?

For laymen, they would never have thought that galvanized nipple is a pipe fitting, but the fact is this word have been using for more than 400 years in plumbing and engineering. We can’t finger out the first usage of “nipple” in piping system, the best we can do is find out that it comes from a root meaning “bill, beak, snout” – literally “small projection.”

Basic pipe nipple form may be referred to as a “Barrel Nipple” or “Pipe Nipple”. Based on this type, many different types are evolved.

Threaded end concentric swage nipples

Threaded end concentric swage nipples

Forged Pipe Nipple includes: Stainless Steel 316 Barrel Nipple, Carbon Steel A105 Long Pipe Nipple, Galvanized Nipple, Close Nipple, Black Hexagonal Nipple (Hex Nipple), Alloy Steel Long Hex Nipple, Reducing Nipple, Screwed Swage Nipple and Hose Nipple.

I’m sure there are more forms, but this time we will focus on the long pipe nipple.

Long Pipe Nipple is a basic form nipple with more distance between the threaded ends.

Threaded End Types:

PBE – “Plain Both Ends”.

TBE – “Threaded Both Ends”.

POE – TOE – “Plain One End and Threaded One End”.