Causes of pipeline corrosion

Pipeline corrosion refers to the degradation and destruction of metal materials caused by chemical and electrochemical interactions between metal materials and environmental media.Corrosion of oil pipelines is mainly caused by dissolved CO2,H2S and C1-,a small amount of dissolved oxygen,bacteria and other corrosive substances.These substances directly interact with metals and cause chemical corrosion.

Anti corrosive coating for steel pipe fittings

Anti corrosive coating for steel pipe fittings

The chemical corrosion is less harmful,but causes the steel tube surface to appear the convex hole,even the perforation main reason comes from the electrochemical corrosion.In the electrochemical reaction of metals,the parts with lower electrode potential tend to lose electrons and become anodes.The more positive part of the electrode gains electrons and becomes the cathode.In the presence of O2 and H20,Fe(OH)2 produces hydrated iron oxide,which leads to corrosion.

The internal and external area of the pipe can both be corrosive because of different factors.The external pipeline corrosion can mainly due to the surroundings,such as acid soil,wet conditions and so on.Factors that lead to internal corrosion are the oxygen content,temperature,pressure and flow rate of the liquid carried in the pipelines.Due to the above reasons,the anti-corrosive pipeline coating can be put into two corresponding categories,the internal and external corrosion-resistant coating.

Thus,anti-corrosion protection is the top issue to consider in oil and gas industry.One of the best ways to control pipeline corrosion is anti-corrosive coating.Coating is a method to isolate pipelines from corrosion attack.Corrosion can be greatly minimized by selecting the right coating.

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