Choose the right tee, not the expensive ones

Hebei Haihao Group is one of the largest manufacturers of flanges and pipe fittings in China.

Take the stainless steel tee of ASTM A403 ASME B16.5 for example, in the production process, we strictly control the whole process.

Quality inspection of tees

Quality inspection of tees

The stainless steel tees of ASTM A403 ASME B16.5 produced by us have been tested in all aspects such as outer diameter, thickness and material etc. Strictly control the measured data within the standard range. We strictly package the pipe fittings to minimize or avoid damage during transportation.

Stainless steel tees for ASME B16.5 are primarily used to redirect fluid and branch out of main pipes. Stainless steel tees ASTM A403 ASME B16.5 produced by Hebei Haihao Group have the advantages of high strength and high finish. With hebei Haihao Group cooperation, you can get high quality pipe products, on time delivery, quality service.