Comparison of sweepolet and weldolet

First, when we talking about the sweepolets, will think of the tees. Under certain circumstances, the advantages of the sweepolets compared to the tee are as follows:

1. Sweepolet saddle can overcome the defeats in the process of making tee without weak point.

2. Sealed better and easy to be installed, it won’t affect main pipeline.

3. Sweepolet saddle use less material than tee, so it has a more competitive price.

Sweepolet swept outlet

Sweepolet swept outlet

In fact, the sweepolet belongs to the products of olet, and its similar products are as follows:

Then take the weldolet as an example to briefly introduce the similarities and differences between the weldolet and the sweepolet.

Weldolets may, in some situations (large dia, thin wall) warp the pipe, i.e. unstraight and oval, due to excessive heat input arising form the relative thick required weld metal layer.

Outlet pipe fitting weldolets finished in Haihao Group

Outlet pipe fitting weldolets finished in Haihao Group

Since the weldolets’ weld metal thickness is always greater than sweepolet (only welds the base metal wall thickness), welding may require some extra time to allow cooling off on the heat input to prevent banana-warping the pipe.

Sweepolet are less standard. Without having specific experience with sweepolet, preparing and beveling the pipe for it may be more difficult/time-costuming compared to weldolets. Since the sweepolet form is quite specific, the sweepolet may be laid down on the pipe, and the contour can be drawn, and a lot bigger than weldolet, more material has to be removed.

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