Design and manufacture of screw taps for stainless steel pipe fitting

The internal threads of stainless steel pipe fittings are mainly tapped through taps.The process can improve the viscosity of stainless steel pipe materials,but if you do not pay attention to some matters,during the tapping process of taps,cutting and scratching of the workpiece threads will easily occur Or the collapse of the tap and other phenomena, this will not only affect the processing efficiency, but also cause damage to the stainless steel pipe, because in order to prolong its service life and performance, we need to understand the relevant tap design and manufacturing process.

ASTM A182 F347H elbows

ASTM A182 F347H elbows

1.Choose a better tap material.Adding special alloy elements to ordinary high-speed tool steel can significantly improve the wear resistance and toughness of the tap.

2.Coating titanium nitride coating on the tap thread can significantly improve the tap’s wear resistance, heat resistance and lubricity.

3.Properly increase the rake angle of the tap. However,it should be noted that if the tap rake angle is too large,it is easy to cause the tap to collapse and the tapped thread to be polygonal when the tool is retracted.

4.Properly increase the amount of tap shovel back.However,it should be noted that if the back of the shovel is too large,it is easy to cause chips to be inserted into the rear angle of the tap when the tool is retracted,and the smoothness of the tapped thread is not good.

5.Reasonably choose the heat treatment method of the cutter to balance the hardness and toughness of the tap.