Introduction of plastic lined steel pipe

Plastic lined steel pipe, with galvanized seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe as the base pipe, is lined with food grade polyethylene (PE) pipe with the same diameter as the galvanized pipe after the welding reinforcement is removed from the inner wall. The thickness of polyethylene lining is required to meet the Hg / T 20538-2016 standard, and finally it is formed after pressurized and heated for a certain time. It is an upgraded product of traditional galvanized pipe.

Plastic lined flanged steel pipe

Plastic lined flanged steel pipe

Advantage of plastic lined steel pipe:

  1. Wide range of application, complete specifications and varieties
  2. Unique production process
  3. Reliable and fast connection
  4. Improvement of anti-corrosion measures for outer surface
  5. Reasonable wall thickness of welded pipe

The connection mode includes special clamp ring connection, groove (clamp) connection or screw connection, and the groove connection similar to steel pipe in construction process is connected with the screw connection of steel pipe.

The technology of plastic lined steel pipe inherits the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, and reasonably designs the pipe according to the comprehensive analysis of market demand, production process, anti-corrosion measures, connection mode, cost performance and many other aspects. Therefore, the pipe has many technical characteristics and is widely used in the water supply system of all kinds of buildings.