Discover the benefits of EDM Testing for plastic coated pipes

We are delighted to announce that Haihao Group has implemented state-of-the-art EDM (Eddy Current Testing) technology to ensure the exceptional quality and reliability of our plastic coated pipes. This cutting-edge testing method has revolutionized our inspection process, allowing us to deliver products that exceed industry standards and meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Plastic coated pipes offer superior protection against corrosion, ensuring the longevity and durability of piping systems in various applications. To further enhance their performance and guarantee flawless integrity, we have incorporated EDM testing as a critical step in our quality control procedures.

EDM testing is a non-destructive testing method specifically designed for detecting surface and subsurface defects in conductive materials. This advanced technology utilizes electromagnetic induction to identify imperfections such as cracks, porosity, and discontinuities that may be present in the plastic coating or the underlying pipe surface.

Plastic lined flanged 90 degree elbow

Plastic lined flanged 90 degree elbow

By subjecting our plastic coated pipes to rigorous EDM testing, we can confidently assure our customers of their exceptional quality and reliability. The benefits of EDM testing are manifold:

Superior Defect Detection: EDM testing is highly sensitive and capable of detecting even the tiniest flaws and irregularities that may compromise the performance of plastic coated pipes. This ensures that only flawless products are delivered to our customers, minimizing the risk of leaks, failures, and costly repairs.

Non-Destructive Evaluation: EDM testing is a non-destructive testing method, meaning it does not cause any damage to the tested pipes. This allows us to conduct thorough inspections without compromising the structural integrity or functionality of the products, ensuring they are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Efficient and Time-Saving: The use of advanced EDM testing technology enables rapid and accurate inspections, significantly reducing the testing time compared to traditional methods. This efficiency allows us to streamline our production process, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.

Plastic lined flanged steel pipe

Plastic lined flanged steel pipe

Comprehensive Quality Control: Our commitment to delivering superior products is reflected in our comprehensive quality control measures. By integrating EDM testing into our production line, we can identify and rectify any potential issues early on, ensuring that only the highest quality plastic coated pipes reach our customers.

At Haihao Group, we continually invest in cutting-edge technologies and employ industry-leading testing methods to ensure the utmost precision and reliability of our products. Our implementation of EDM testing for plastic coated pipes demonstrates our dedication to surpassing customer expectations and delivering excellence in every aspect.

Whether for offshore applications, chemical industries, or infrastructure projects, our plastic coated pipes undergo meticulous EDM testing to ensure they meet the highest industry standards and offer unparalleled performance. With Haihao Group, you can have complete confidence in the quality, reliability, and longevity of our plastic coated pipes.

Contact Haihao Group today to learn more about our EDM-tested plastic coated pipes and how they can enhance the integrity and durability of your projects. Experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing a trusted partner committed to delivering superior products and exceptional service.