Characteristics of low alloy steel

Low alloy steel refers to alloy steel with total alloying elements less than 5%. Compared with carbon steel, low alloy steel is intended to add one or several alloy elements to the steel in order to improve the performance of the steel on the basis of carbon steel. When the amount of alloy added exceeds the general content of carbon steel in normal production method, the steel is called alloy steel.(Difference between materials commonly used in piping)

When the total amount of alloy is less than 5%, it is called low alloy steel, ordinary alloy steel is generally less than 3.5%, alloy content is between 5-10%, which is called medium alloy steel, and high alloy steel is more than 10%.

Low alloy steel pipes

Low alloy steel pipes

The parts of low alloy steel welding structure usually need to go through the process of forming, welding and post welding heat treatment, which requires the steel to have good process performance. Technological properties include weldability, cutting performance, cold and hot working performance, heat treatment performance, malleability, microstructure uniformity stability and hardenability of large section. In addition to the cost of materials, the influence of the difficulty of material processing and welding on the manufacturing cost should also be considered.

Low alloy steel is widely used in the manufacture of construction machinery, ships, bridges, high-rise buildings, boilers and pressure vessels, electric power and various vehicles. This is inseparable from its characteristics (such as plasticity, toughness and weldability).

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