Hydrostatic test and proof test or burst test for pipe fittings

Hydrotest for Pipe Fittings

Hydrostatic test or hydro test is not required for pipe fittings unless specifically requested by the purchaser. Code mandate that fittings shall be able to withstand under pressure required by applicable Piping Code. But all manufacturer has to prove his design that fittings are able to withstand rated pressure by the proof test.

I have seen that most purchasers mandate, that a hydro tested pipe shell be used to manufacture fittings and weld seam is subjected to 100% radiography to ensure the soundness of weld and therefore no lake from the weld in future.

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

Hydrostatic test for large diameter bend in Haihao Group

What is Proof Test?

To qualified the design of the pipe fitting, manufacturer performed a various test including burst test to ensure that design will meet the all the standard & code requirements. In this test, a pipe & fittings are welded and a dummy pipe spool is prepared. This pipe spool is then pressurized to pre-define calculated burst test pressure. and in some case, they keep pressurizing the fitting till it actually burst. But it is very dangerous so nowadays they use finite element method or similar computerize program to establish design. If the fittings withstand the test, all the future product manufactured using that design will consider safe to use.

Lap joint stub ends are exempt from the proof test because they are used with flange assembly and design considering applicable pressure- temperature ratings that used to design flanges.

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