Deliver seamless steel pipes to Indonesian customers

At the beginning of this year, a customer in Indonesia signed an order contract for a batch of steel pipes with Haihao Group, and the customer wanted to customize a batch of seamless steel pipes. According to the progress of the project, the goods need to be delivered in batches. Today, the seventh batch of goods has been inspected. After the customer’s confirmation, the goods will be packed and shipped. The goods will be transported by truck to the port first and then transported by sea to the project in Indonesia.

seamless steel pipe

seamless steel pipe

In order to ensure the transportation quality, Haihao Group first added a layer of fiber packaging on the surface of the steel pipe, and then put the steel pipe in a wooden box. In this way, the collision of the steel pipe during transportation can be reduced. At the same time, Haihao also painted a layer of paint on the surface of the steel pipe, which can effectively avoid corrosion of the steel pipe.

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