Delivery of elbow and other piping products customized by British customers

At the beginning of this year, British customers signed an order contract with Haihao. Customers want to order flanges, steel pipes, elbows and other piping products in Haihao. By the middle of October, the flanges and steel pipes had been supplied. On October 17, the elbows and tees ordered by customers had been produced and ready to be packed for shipment.

Delivery of piping products

Delivery of piping products

There are five containers in this shipment, all of which are elbows and tees. The loading process lasts more than an hour. After the shipping workers finished packing, they took photos to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirmed that there was no error, the goods will be sealed. The goods in these five containers will be opened after arriving in the UK and signed by the customer.

Haihao Group specializes in the production of forged flanges, steel pipes, pipe fittings, tees, valves, pipe caps and other pipeline projects products. We have more than 40 years of production and operation experience. The products are exported to East Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other regions. After years of market inspection, Haihao’s products have been unanimously recognized by customers.Welcome new and old customers to consult and purchase.