Tension Rod Sky Lights- Rods

In the last article, we introduced the components of Tension Rod — Rods, Forks, Pins, Bolts and Lock Nuts. Here is a general introduction to Rod, which is the simplest body of these parts.

Tension Rod Sky Lights Rods

Tension Rod Sky Lights Rods

As shown in the picture, both ends of the steel rod are threads. According to the actual field use situation, it can be analyzed that the threads at both ends must be divided into left and right. That is, when reinforcing in one direction, both ends need to be tightened at the same time. When loosening in the opposite direction, the thread buckles at both ends also need to be loosened at the same time. This means that the threads at both ends must be in the opposite direction, and the connected Forks also needs to be in the opposite direction. The Forks were introduced in the previous article.

The specifications of steel rods in the customer’s inquiry are D20, D24, D30, D42, D48 and D56. Because there is no unified standard for this product abroad, the customer just sent us the inquiry list and incomplete drawings mentioned in the previous article. After the review of the Engineering Department of our company, according to the existing standards in China, there are two dimensions that need to be adjusted, D24 is changed to D25 and D56 is changed to D55.

Of course, since the size is slightly adjusted, we later designed other relevant components into a fully matched form for customer reference and approval.