Haihao Group takes you to understand crack prevention and grain size control in austenitic metal forging

In the realm of forging, Haihao Group stands out as a leading expert in the field of austenitic metal forging, leveraging its rich experience and advanced technologies. Today, we delve into Haihao Group’s outstanding practices in crack prevention and grain size control.

1.Crack Prevention Methods

1.1 Insulation Blanket Coverage

In the early stages of austenitic metal forging, Haihao Group employs insulation blankets to cover the forging surfaces, providing a rapid and extensive insulation cover. While this method proves effective in the initial forging stages, it is particularly suitable for compacting and upsetting processes due to its tendency to be less applicable to complex-shaped forgings or those susceptible to detachment during rotation.

Large forgings

Large forgings

1.2 Insulation Coating Protection

Haihao Group opts for insulation coatings as a more versatile and comprehensive approach to prevent cracks. This method is applicable to forgings of all shapes, and in the event of coating detachment during forging, immediate repairs can be made. Although this method requires specialized spraying equipment and involves significant investment with potential environmental impact, it remains a preferred choice for maintaining effective insulation.

2.Grain Size Control

Control over grain size is crucial in the forging process of austenitic metals. Since there is no phase transition during the cooling process of austenitic metals, grain size cannot be refined through heat treatment. In this regard, Haihao Group achieves grain size refinement across the entire cross-section through the dynamic recrystallization mechanism during high-temperature forging. The final forging ratio generally needs to exceed 1.7, and immediate cooling to room temperature is required post-forging to suppress further grain growth in the higher-temperature regions.

Large forging fitting

Large forging fitting

In the realms of crack prevention and grain size control for austenitic metals, Haihao Group employs a comprehensive approach to deliver high-quality forging products to its clients. Whether through innovative applications of crack prevention coatings or meticulous practices in grain size control, Haihao Group continues to lead the industry. If your project requires forged components, feel free to contact us at any time.