Anticorrosive coating process for seamless steel pipe

In order to ensure that the steel pipe is intact and anticorrosive, the factory will coat the steel pipe surface.Recently, there are four kinds of industrial automatic coating processes for seamless steel pipes, such as oil casings, which are commonly used at home and abroad:

3PE steel pipes

3PE steel pipes

  • Spray coating method is adopted, and the roller bed before, after and in the middle of coating is transported in a straight line to form coatingm Then the shift fork is transferred, the hook chain is transported by rolling, the steel pipe enters the steam oven horizontally, and is heated and dried.
  • The electrostatic coating method is adopted. Before, after and in the middle of the coating, the inclined roller table is used for spiral conveying to form the coating film. Then the spiral elevator is transferred and lifted to the material rack for cooling and natural drying.
  • For straight-line transportation of steel pipes, UV coating system, vacuum coating method and air flow erosion are adopted to form coating. UV curing coating shall be carried out immediately after coating. The feature is that the formation and curing of the coating are completed between two rollers.
  • Heating airless spraying method is adopted for coating. Roller conveyor shall be used before coating, and segmented synchronous “V-shaped tooth” chain conveyor shall be used after coating to form coating. After coating, the steel pipe is transferred from the stepper to the horizontal “V-shaped tooth” chain conveyor and enters the steam drying box for heating and drying.
Coated Steel Pipes

Coated Steel Pipes

Now let’s talk about their advantages and disadvantages.From process one to process three, the common coating defects of the traditional process are reflected in the processing process, that is, the coating is seriously “sagged”, scratched, “white” and so on. The latest “process four” comprehensively solves these problems and forms a complete set of “pipe heating airless spraying technology”,avoid strip or spiral scratches on the film,overcome the problem of “sagging” and prevent the film from “whitening”.

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