How to use ASTM A403 WP321H steel pipe fitting?

ASTM A403 WP321H is a kind of common stainless steel.It is widely used to produce the pipe fittings and flanges which require a good comprehensive performance(corrosion resistance and formability).”H” means the material has a high carbon content in elements,it bring a good performance in high temperature conditions.321H stainless steel has good abrasion resistance in organic acid and inorganic acid with different concentration and temperature.

ASTM A403 WP321H Pipe Fitting

ASTM A403 WP321H Pipe Fitting

ASTM A403 WP321H pipe fittings are used to connect the TP321H stainless steel pipes and A182 F321H flanges and forgings.Commonly it is not connected to the Grade TP321 or WP321 materials.ASTM A403 WP321H stainless steel pipe fittings are mainly used in fields of oil,chemical industry,metallurgy,electric power,water conservancy,water supply,heating,gas supply,natural gas,ship,large infrastructure,sea water platform.

ASTM A403 WP321H has the excellent properties that many kinds of other metal don’t have.It is a kind excellent durability and recycle material.Corresponding to the changes of the times,this kind of stainless steel pipe fittings will be widely applied in various fields in the future.