Tension Rod Sky Lights-Forks

Fork is another important part of the whole Tension Rod, Forks and Rod form the overall structure together, but the complexity of the design is much higher than that of Rod. The function in use is also self-evident, so in addition to the design size, we also need to pay attention to the material of the Forks.

It is worth mentioning that the next article introduces that the customer’s Rod material is S460, while the material of Forks is S235JR. The grade difference between the two materials is very large. If we don’t consider other factors, it’s absolutely no problem for us to provide them completely according to the customer’s materials.

Tension Rod Sky Lights Forks Drawing

Tension Rod Sky Lights Forks Drawing

However, as a mature manufacture and supplier of engineering projects, we will certainly consider the rationality of use, so after repeated negotiation, our company decided to upgrade the material and replace the material of Forks with S355.

This will undoubtedly increase our cost, but the responsibility urges us to supply goods every time, especially engineering orders, we not only simply complete the production, but also consider the rationality of the engineering design. I think this is one of the reasons why customers trust us. In the end, we didn’t ask customer to increase additional costs at all, and put forward suggestion to improve the material grade of Forks. Of course, the customer is happy to accept it.