What is the polishing of pipe fitting?

Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electro chemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the fitting, in order to obtain a bright, flat surface processing method. It uses polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the pipe fitting.(What is the electrolytic polishing?)

Polishing does not improve the dimensional or geometric accuracy of the fitting, but to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss, sometimes used to eliminate the gloss. The polishing wheel is usually used as the polishing tool. The polishing wheel is generally made of multi-layer canvas, felt or leather. The two sides of the wheel are clamped with metal round plates. The wheel rim is coated with polish evenly mixed by micro-powder abrasive and grease.

Polished pipe fitting

Polished pipe fitting

The matters needing attention of polishing mainly include the following aspects:

1. Polishing must adhere to the principle of “rather slow, not fast, rather light, not heavy”, to avoid exposure primer.

2. Back up the wire, so as not to hurt people, wound machine, winding, do not touch the wire.

3. The polishing wax can be poured on the paint evenly dispersed, to prevent the paint surface splash.

4. It is recommended to wipe with car wash mud before polishing the paint surface to remove the surface particles and pollutants attached to the paint surface.

5. When throwing the front cover, cover the front shield glass with a big towel or a shielding film to prevent the polishing wax from sticking to the glass seal and wiper.

6. Polish wax evenly coated on the wool plate or sponge plate, to prevent splashing, waste materials.

7. Place the machine properly after use, with the two handles supporting the ground and the hair wheel facing up.

In Hebei Haihao Group, the polishing is widely used in the production of flanges, pipe fittings and other pipeline products, with mature technology and great advantages.