What is SA-516 Gr. 70 material?

In the realm of pressure vessel applications, SA-516 Gr. 70 stands as an epitome of excellence. Originating from the American standard and adhering to ASME specifications, this carbon steel plate is specially designed for use in medium to low-temperature pressure vessels.

Versatility in Variants:

SA-516 Gr. 70 comes in various specifications to cater to diverse needs:

SA-516 Gr.70(HIC): Resistant to hydrogen-induced cracking

SA-516 Gr.70(R-HIC): With enhanced resistance to hydrogen-induced cracking

SA-516 Gr.70 N-Z15, SA-516 Gr.70 N-Z25, SA-516 Gr. 70 N-Z35: Notch-tough versions with different toughness levels

SA 516 Gr.70 Steel Pipes

SA 516 Gr.70 Steel Pipes

Delivery Conditions:

The delivery conditions of SA-516 Gr.70 vary based on thickness:

For plates with thickness ≤ 1.5in. (40mm), delivery in the rolled state is common.

Plates with thickness > 1.5in. (40mm) should undergo normalizing.

When notch toughness is required for plates with thickness ≤ 1.5in. (40mm), normalizing is recommended unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.

Accelerated cooling rates are permissible, subject to purchaser approval, to enhance toughness, followed by subsequent tempering in the range of 1100-1300°F (595-705°C).

Chemical Composition:

Carbon (C) Manganese (Mn) Phosphorus (P) Sulfur (S) Silicon (Si)
≤ 0.30% 0.79-1.30% ≤ 0.035% ≤ 0.035% 0.13-0.45%

Strength Grades:

SA-516 Gr.70 is available in different strength grades, each denoted by a specific tensile strength range:

Grade 55 (380) Grade 60 (415) Grade 65 (450) Grade 70 (485)
55-75 ksi (380-515 MPa) 60-80 ksi (415-550 MPa) 65-85 ksi (450-585 MPa) 70-90 ksi (485-620 MPa)

Applications Across Industries:

Widely embraced in sectors such as petroleum, chemical, power plants, and boilers, SA-516 Gr.70 finds its application in crafting reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, boiler steam drums, high-pressure water pipes in hydropower stations, and turbine casings.

SA-516 Gr. 70, with its impeccable chemical composition, diverse variants, and superior strength grades, continues to be the material of choice for critical applications, reaffirming its position as the pinnacle of pressure vessel carbon steel. As industries evolve, SA-516 Gr. 70 remains steadfast, offering reliability and excellence in every application.Not long ago, an Italian customer ordered a batch of steel pipes of this material from Haihao, and production has been arranged. If you need pipe products of this material, please feel free to contact us.