Completion of production of Tension Rod Sky Lights 2

The Rod also encountered many problems in the production process. The length of the Rod is different, and some of them are relatively long. Especially for the Rods with large length, the ordinary method cannot be used for heat treatment, because the rod will bend. After professional technical research and experience of the company, the well type heat treatment method is finally selected. Although this method can not achieve 100% non bending, it basically solves the problem that the bending degree of the Rod is not large after heat treatment, and it will be much easier to straighten.

Completion of production of Tension Rod Sky Lights

Completion of production of Tension Rod Sky Lights

This issue also occurs when turning the threads at both ends. When turning the threads, the Rod is too long and easy to swing. On the one hand, it will cause uneven thread depth and affect the thread quality. On the other hand, the Rod will also cause bending. After technical theoretical research combined with the actual operation of the factory, we finally used the flattening punch process equipment to fix the Rod without shaking, the threads can be turned evenly, and the Rod is fixed without bending. In this way, the problem of thread is also solved smoothly.

It is our company’s attitude to treat every order seriously that we should solve the problem when we encounter problems and not yield to any difficulties.