Completion of production of Tension Rod Sky Lights 3

The next step is to spray the Rod with red epoxy paint. Considering that the thread can not be painted, which will affect the use, we first screw the Rods and Lock nuts together, and then lift them up as shown in the figure below for painting, drying, and evenly spray paint on the Lock nuts and Rods at the same time. After that, the Lock nuts shall be removed, and the internal thread of the Lock nuts and the thread part of the connecting Rods shall be brushed with anti rust oil to prevent rusting.

Completion of production of Tension Rod Sky Lights

Completion of production of Tension Rod Sky Lights

Such a process is basically completed. In order that end user do not have to spend more time measuring and distinguishing the length during construction after receiving the goods, we have also prepared labels. When packaging the Rods, each Rod is attached with a corresponding label. The label content is the size, the assembled length, which are the drawings provided by the client, and the net length of the Rod. It is indeed a heavy workload to arrange thousands of Rods one by one. However, we actively complete these cumbersome tasks, just to enable end user to receive satisfactory goods, accurate selection during use and save re measurement time.