Introduction of heat treatment in pipe manufacturing process

Heat treatment process is an important part of pipe manufacturing. Through the heat treatment steps of heating, heat preservation and cooling, the work hardening, residual stress and metal deformation defects produced in the forming process can be eliminated, so that the metal structure and properties of the formed pipe can be changed, and the state before deformation processing can be restored or the performance can be improved and improved.

Elbow after heat treatment

The common heat treatment equipment is reverberatory furnace, electric furnace, etc.; the usual control mode is that the thermocouple in the furnace is connected to the control device of temperature time automatic recorder through sensor.

Elbow after heat treatment

Elbow after heat treatment

Different pipe fittings have different requirements for heat treatment. Heat treatment is not required for all deformed pipe fittings. Generally, when the final forming temperature of low carbon steel pipe fittings is not lower than 723 ℃ (recrystallization temperature), heat treatment is not necessary because the final microstructure state under this temperature condition is basically normalized, and heat treatment shall be conducted when the temperature is lower or higher than 980 ℃; for alloy steel or stainless steel material, heat treatment is required Whether cold forming or hot forming is adopted for pipe fittings, heat treatment shall be carried out.

The routine inspection of heat treatment is generally completed by hardness test.

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