Selection of pipe fittings and materials commonly used in water supply pipeline

Hebei Haihao Group specializes in the production of elbow, tee, flange, and other pipe fittings commonly used in water supply pipeline system.

As a water supply pipe, it is required that the pipe fittings and flange materials are hygienic, safe, energy-saving and convenient. Therefore, the inspection of water supply pipes and fittings should be carried out from four aspects.

310S Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Concentric Reducer

310S Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Concentric Reducer

1.Sanitation: pipes and fittings shall be free from any damage to human body.

2.Safety: sufficient strength and excellent mechanical properties as well as anti-aging, heat resistance and other properties.

3.Energy saving: the inner wall is smooth, corrosion-resistant, with small resistance to fluid and good heat preservation performance.

4.Convenient: convenient connection, construction, reliable, with the possibility of promotion and use.

ASTM A182 F347H elbows

ASTM A182 F347H elbows

If the above four requirements are not met, the health and property safety of the user will be damaged.

Therefore, there are three main types of pipes used at present. The first is metal pipe, such as hot-dip cast iron pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, etc. The second type is plastic composite metal pipe, such as plastic composite steel pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, etc. The third type is plastic pipe, such as PP-R (cross-linked polypropylene high-density network engineering plastics)