What is the electrolytic polishing?

At present, polishing is widely used in the surface modification of pipe fittings, flanges, steel pipes and other pipeline products. There are six main polishing methods: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing.

Electrolytic polishing refers to the metal products in a certain composition of the solution for special anodic treatment, in order to obtain a smooth, bright surface finishing process. It can be used as the surface preparation of stainless steel pipe fittings before electroplating, as the finishing decoration of the surface after plating, and as an independent finishing processing method of the metal surface.

Electrolytic polishing of pipe fittings

Electrolytic polishing of pipe fittings

Its advantages: after the electrolytic polishing of stainless steel pipe mirror luster to maintain a long time, stable technology, less pollution, low cost, good corrosion resistance.

Its disadvantages: processing equipment one-time investment is large, complex pieces to tooling, auxiliary electrode, large production also need cooling equipment.

Therefore, electrolytic polishing is suitable for batch production, mainly used for advanced products, export products, products with tolerance, its processing technology is stable, the operation is also relatively simple.

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