Application of 3PE anticorrosive pipe fittings

There are many uses of 3PE anti-corrosion pipe fittings, and its function is really wide coverage.

1.Underground water supply and drainage, underground shotcreting, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkler and other pipe networks.

2.Process water waste residue and return water transmission pipeline of thermal power plant. It has excellent applicability for the water supply pipeline of sprinkler and sprinkler system.

3.Electric power, communication, highway and other cable protection sleeve.

Anti corrosive coating for steel pipe fittings

Anti corrosive coating for steel pipe fittings

4.It is suitable for high-rise building water supply, heat supply network heating, water supply engineering, gas transmission, buried water transmission and other pipelines.

5.Process pipeline for transporting corrosive medium in petroleum pipeline, chemical pharmaceutical industry, printing and dyeing industry.

6.Anti corrosion engineering of sewage treatment discharge pipe, sewage pipe and biological pool.

7.Agricultural irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipe network, etc.

It can be said that 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is indispensable in the current construction, and it is believed that through the extension of science and technology, there will be more brilliant achievements in the future.