3PE anti-corrosion pipe fittings

3PE anti-corrosion pipe fittings refer to 3-coating polyolefin coating (mapec) external anti-corrosion pipe fittings. The anti-corrosion pipe fittings include elbow, tee, reducer, and other products. It is a common anti-corrosion pipe fittings. Other anticorrosion methods include ipn8710, FBE epoxy powder, epoxy coal tar pitch, etc.It generally refers to the external wall anti-corrosion of pipe fittings.

Plastic lined flanged 90 degree elbow

Plastic lined flanged 90 degree elbow

3PE anticorrosion is generally composed of three layers

  • One layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100um)
  • Second layer adhesive (AD) 170-250um
  • The third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5-3.7mm

In practice, the three kinds of materials are mixed and integrated into one, and after processing, they are firmly combined with the pipe fittings to form an excellent anti-corrosion coating. Its processing methods are generally divided into winding type and round mold wrapping type.

There are two kinds of anti-corrosion for the inner wall of pipe fittings: one is hot-melt epoxy powder anti-corrosion (high-temperature fusion), the other is liquid epoxy coating, commonly used liquid epoxy ipn8710 (cold spraying at room temperature).