Difference between direct reading spectrometer and chemical analysis method for PMI

In pipeline industry,both Direct Reading spectrometer and Chemical Analysis Method are used to identify the materials.Let’s see the comparison between Direct Reading spectrometer and Chemical Analysis Method for PMI.

  • Sampling

Direct Reading Spectrometer: When using a spectrometer for spectral analysis, the sample only needs to be polished off the surface oxide scale, and the solid sample can be placed on the sample table for excitation, eliminating the trouble of drilling samples for chemical analysis. For aluminum, copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metal samples, the surface oxide scale can be removed with a small lathe.

Direct Reading Spectrometer for PMI

Direct Reading Spectrometer for PMI

Chemical method: Chemical sampling is the most important part of the original detection method. The sampling process can easily produce slight changes due to the fluctuation of the sampling person, which affects the measurement results. In addition, the sampling time is the longest process in the entire test.

  • Time for the results

Direct Reading Spectrometer: It only takes 20-30 seconds from the sample excitation to the computer to report the analysis content of all elements. The speed is very fast, which is beneficial to shorten the production time and reduce the cost. Especially for those elements that are easy to burn, it is easier to control the final composition.

Chemical method: After the sampling work is completed, the detection result of an element is output every few minutes.

  • Analysis authorization

Direct Reading Spectrometer:It is more objective for the testing result.The analysis results can be directly recognized by a third party.

Chemical Analysis for PMI

Chemical Analysis for PMI

Chemical method: The premise for the results of the chemical method to be recognized by a third party is that the people involved in the test and the laboratory must be certified by the relevant national departments, otherwise the analysis results can only be used for reference.

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