Long weld neck flange

This week I received an inquiry from a Swiss customer, who needs DIN28115 PN25 Long weld neck flange. There are two kinds of materials, carbon steel and stainless steel. After I gave the quotation to the customer, the customer wanted several samples for experiment first. Now we are discussing with the customer about the samples. Today let’s have a look at long weld neck flange.

Long weld neck flange drawing

Long weld neck flange drawing

Long weld neck flanges (LWN) : Long weld neck flanges are an extension of welding neck flanges with necks.Flange neck slightly straight cylinder type, flange neck does not process groove.Long weld neck flanges are often used in CLASS series pipe flanges. When the pipe flanges with nominal size less than or equal to DN50 are matched with the cylinder, the use of long and high neck flanges can also avoid the welding difficulties caused by too thin wall thickness at the end of the flange neck.

Features of long weld neck flanges: the neck height is higher, which improves the stiffness and bearing capacity of flanges.

Compared with butt welding flange, long weld neck flange has a large welding workload, high electrode consumption, and can not withstand high temperature and high pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, but the site installation is more convenient, can omit the welding seam patting and rubbing process, is more popular.

long weld neck flanges

long weld neck flanges

Connection: flange nut, bolt connection.

Production process: professional overall forging, forging.

Processing mode: high precision CNC lathe turning, ordinary lathe fine turning, argon arc welding and other processing.

Application: boiler and pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, stamping elbow food and other industries.

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