Haihao Group uses medium frequency pipe bending machine to manufacture pipe bends for Saudi customers

Haihao Group has been committed to providing high-quality pipe and fitting solutions to global customers. Recently, we have completed the preparation of a batch of pipe bends for a Saudi customer by using a medium-frequency pipe bender. The medium-frequency pipe bender uses medium-frequency electric induction heating to manufacture bends with extremely high efficiency and precision. Compared with the traditional cold pipe bending machine, the intermediate frequency hot pipe bending process has achieved a breakthrough in terms of cost, time and quality.

medium frequency pipe bend

medium frequency pipe bend

The medium frequency pipe bending machine adopts the medium frequency electric induction heating technology, which has the following unique features:

Mold-free design: Unlike the traditional process, our medium frequency pipe bender does not require expensive special molds, which reduces manufacturing costs while increasing manufacturing flexibility.

Uniform wall thickness: The intermediate frequency hot bending process ensures that the wall thickness of each part of the bend is always consistent, eliminating the problem of uneven wall thickness in the traditional process.

Multi-angle bending: This technology can easily manufacture bends with various bending angles, including 45°, 90°, 180°, etc., to meet various project needs.

Thin-walled elbow: Our medium-frequency hot-bending process can produce small-radius and thin-walled elbows with uniform wall thickness, which is unmatched by other processes.

medium frequency pipe bends

medium frequency pipe bends

The working process of the intermediate frequency pipe bending machine is as follows:

Induction heating: The part of the steel pipe to be bent is covered with an induction coil, which is heated by medium-frequency electric induction to make it soft and easy to bend.

Bending: When the steel pipe reaches the desired temperature, it is bent into the desired shape using mechanical thrust.

Cooling: After the elbow is made, a coolant is used to cool the pipe quickly so that it solidifies and maintains the desired shape.

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