3PE anti-corrosive steel pipe

In China, 3PE anticorrosive steel pipes have been applied in oil and gas systems. nearly 4,000 kilometers of the national key project West-East Gas Pipeline have used 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes. We have also exported a lot of 3PE coated steel pipes to many countries.

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe combines the excellent properties of sintered epoxy powder coating and extruded polyethylene. It combines the interface characteristics and chemical resistance of sintered epoxy powder coating with the mechanical properties of extruded polyethylene anti-corrosion coating. The combination of advantages such as protection characteristics significantly improves their respective performance. 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe is divided into ordinary grade and reinforced grade. The fundamental difference between them is the difference in thickness. For common specifications 219-478, it is about 2.0mm, and the reinforcement level is about 2.7mm. Which grade of anticorrosion is chosen depends on the specific requirements of the customer. If it is used for ordinary casing outer corrosion protection, the ordinary grade is more than enough. If it is used to directly move fluids, such as acid and alkali, natural gas, etc., use the enhanced grade as much as possible.

3pe anti-corrosion pipe is used in different working environments of pipes (steel pipes). In order to slow down or prevent the pipes from being eroded and deteriorated by the chemical or electrochemical action of the external medium or by the metabolic activities of microorganisms, coat 2 or 3 on the outer wall. Layer of polyethylene (3pe) to achieve pipeline anticorrosion, 3pe anticorrosive pipe life extension 3-5 times. Polyethylene three-layer structural protective layer, also known as three-layer pe (3pe), is an advanced anticorrosive technology introduced from abroad in recent years. Its full name is sintered epoxy / extruded polyethylene structural protective layer. The structure consists of the following three layers: the bottom layer is sintered epoxy (≥80μm); the middle layer is adhesive (170-250μm); the surface layer is extruded Polyethylene (approximately 2mm). The total thickness of the protective layer is about 1.8-3.7mm.

Quality inspection for RRW pipe ASTM A672 Gr.60

Quality inspection for RRW pipe ASTM A672 Gr.60