Introduction of 3PE coated pipes

What is 3PE Epoxy coating pipe?

The 3PE Epoxy coated steel pipe is with 3 layer coatings, first FBE coating, middle is adhesive layer, outside polyethylene layer. 3PE coating pipe is another new product developed on the FBE coating basis since 1980s, which contains adhesives and PE(polyethylene) layers. 3PE can strengthen the pipeline’s mechanical properties, high electrical resistance, waterproof, wearable, anti-aging.

3PE steel pipes

3PE steel pipes

3PE epoxy coating pipe include 3 layers:

For The first layers is fusion bonded epoxy, which thickness is larger than 100μm. (FBE>100μm)

The second layer is adhesive, which effect is binding epoxy and PE layers. (AD: 170~250μm)

The third layers is PE layers which is polyethylene have advantages to anti-water, electrical resistance and anti mechanical damage. (φ300-φ1020mm)

Therefore, 3PE coating pipe integrated with the advantages of FBE and the PE,which is more and more widely used in buried pipeline’s transporting of water, gas and oil.

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