The introduction of hot rolling production process of steel pipe

According to the different manufacturing process of steel tubes can be hot rolled, extrusion, cold drawn and cold rolled these several main types. Next, we will mainly introduce the hot rolling production process.

The production process of hot rolled steel pipe is as follows: round tube billet → heating → perforation → continuous rolling or extrusion → tube stripping → sizing → cooling → straightening → flaw detection → marking → storage.

API 5L PSL2 X65 seamless steel pipes

API 5L PSL2 X65 seamless steel pipes

(1) Round tube billet stage: the raw material of hot rolled steel pipe is round tube billet, and the round tube embryo is a blank with a length of about 1 meter cut by cutting machine, which will be sent to the furnace for heating.

(2) Heating stage: the round tube billet is fed into a furnace with a temperature of about 1200 ℃ for heating. Temperature control in furnace is the key to determine the quality of steel tube.

(3) Perforation stage: after the round tube billet is released, it shall be perforated by pressure puncher. Commonly used conical roll puncher has higher production efficiency and better product quality.

(4) Continuous rolling or extrusion stage: after the perforation stage, it is necessary to carry out three-roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion.

(5) Tube removal stage: after extrusion, tube removal should be carried out.

(6) Sizing stage: the next step is to carry out sizing through the sizing machine. The length of the outer diameter of the sizing machine bit determines the inner diameter of the steel pipe.

(7) Cooling stage: after the diameter of the steel pipe is completed, it will be cooled by spraying water.

(8) Straightening stage: after the steel pipe is cooled, it will be straightened.

(9) Flaw detection stage: the straightened steel pipe will be tested internally through the metal flaw detector. This will detect whether there are internal cracks, bubbles and other problems. It is followed by a rigorous manual selection process.

(10) Marking stage: after the quality inspection of the steel pipe, spray the serial number, specification and production batch number with paint.

(11) Storage: After the above procedures are completed, the steel pipe will be hoisted into the warehouse by crane.

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