Shipping for Qatar customers

Last August, Qatari customers ordered a batch of flange and elbow products in Haihao. After more than a year, the required products have been successively delivered to Qatari projects. Last month, the customer said that he needed to customize a few more flanges. He wanted to ask if Haihao could help him to manufacture a small amount of flanges. We gave a positive reply at the first time and stepped up to manufacture the products required by the customer.

Flanges shipped

Flanges shipped

Today, the customized products have passed the quality inspection and been packaged, ready to be loaded and shipped to Qatar. Including the previous shipment, this is the 45th wholesale to Qatar. Our warehousing department has moved the goods to the truck. The goods will be delivered in the morning of October 13, and are expected to arrive in Qatar in a week.

Haihao Group specializes in the production of flanges, pipe fittings, steel pipes and other products, and supports the customization of non-standard products. We have advanced production equipment and skilled workers in the industry. It can maximize the customized requirements of customers. If you need the products needed in pipeline project, please contact us at any time.