Introduction of pipe thread

Pipe threads are threads located on the pipe wall for connection. There are 55 degree unsealed pipe threads and 55 degree sealed pipe threads. Mainly used for pipeline connection, so that its internal and external threads are closely matched, there are two kinds of straight pipe and cone pipe.

Common pipe threads mainly include the following: NPT, PT, G and so on.

1) NPT is the abbreviation of National (American) Pipe Thread, which belongs to the American standard 60-degree tapered pipe thread and is used in North America.

Male threaded stainless steel pipe nipple

Male threaded stainless steel pipe nipple

2) PT (BSPT) is the abbreviation of Pipe Thread. It is a 55-degree sealed tapered pipe thread. It belongs to the Whitworth thread family. It is mostly used in Europe and Commonwealth countries. It is often used in water and gas pipe industry with a taper of 1:16.

3) G is a 55 degree unsealed pipe thread, belonging to Whitworth thread family. Marked G represents cylindrical threads. The national standard refers to GB/T7307-2001.

In addition, the 1/4, 1/2, 1/8 mark in thread refers to the diameter of thread size in inches. Insiders usually refer to thread size in terms of points. One inch equals eight points, and one/4 inch equals two points. By analogy, G is the general name of tube thread. The division of 55 and 60 degrees is functional, commonly known as tube circle. That is, the thread is processed from a cylindrical surface.