Structure of metal bellows

Metal bellows is generally composed of bellows, mesh sleeve and joint. Corrugated pipe is the metal corrugated pipe itself, playing the role of flexibility; The net cover plays an active role in strengthening and shielding; Joint quality plays an important role in connection. For different application technical standards, the way in which they can be connected with each other is also different: bellows, mesh sleeve and joint are connected by welding, which is called Chinese welding; The mechanical clamping method is used as the connection, which is called a mechanical clamping method. In addition, the combination of the above two research methods is called a hybrid method.

Metal bellows products include oil pipes, steam hoses, sandblasting hoses, acid and alkali hoses, food hoses, oxygen hoses and various special-shaped hoses. It is widely used in machinery, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, food and other fields.

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