What aspects should be considered in the design of petrochemical pipelines?

1.The layout design shall meet the requirements of process piping and instrument flow diagram.

2.The pipeline layout shall be planned as a whole, safe, reliable, economical and reasonable, meet the requirements of construction, operation, maintenance and other aspects, and strive to be neat and beautiful.

3.Internal and external coordination shall be achieved when determining the pipeline orientation and laying method of the incoming and outgoing devices (units).

4.The laying of plant-wide pipelines in the plant area shall be coordinated with the devices, roads, buildings, structures, etc. in the plant area to prevent the pipeline from surrounding the devices and reduce the crossing of pipelines with railways and roads.

5.The pipeline should be laid overhead or on the ground. If necessary, it can be buried or laid in the trench.

prefabricated product

prefabricated product

6.The pipes should be arranged in rows, and the pipes on the ground should be laid on the pipe rack or pipe pier.

7.When laying pipes on pipe racks and pipe piers, it is advisable to balance the vertical load and horizontal load on pipe racks or pipe piers.

8.A margin of 10% – 30% should be left on the pipe rack or pipe pier (including crossing culvert) of the whole plant, and its load should also be considered.

9.The layout of pipelines and large-diameter pipelines with special requirements for distance, angle and elevation difference of the transmission medium shall meet the design requirements for equipment layout.

10.The layout of pipelines shall not hinder the installation and maintenance of equipment, pumps and their internal components and the passage of fire vehicles.

11.The pipeline shall be arranged so that the pipeline system has necessary flexibility. Under the condition of ensuring that the flexibility of the pipeline and the force and torque of the pipeline to the equipment and pump nozzle do not exceed the allowable value, the pipeline shall be kept to the shortest length and the components shall be kept to the minimum.

12.The setting of supporting points should be considered while the pipeline is planned, and the natural shape of the pipeline should be used to achieve self-compensation.

13.The pipeline layout should be “high step by step” or “low step by step” to reduce air bags or liquid bags. If it is unavoidable, vent and vent shall be set according to the operation and maintenance requirements. The pipeline layout should reduce “cecum”.

14.When the pipeline of gas-liquid two-phase flow is divided into two or more channels from one channel, the pipeline layout shall consider symmetry or meet the requirements of the pipeline and instrument flow diagram.

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