Shipping pipe fittings for Bulgarian customer

Driven by the the Belt and Road policy, Haihao’s export business has been increasing in recent years. Previously, a Bulgarian customer ordered pipe fittings in Haihao, including various types of flanges, elbows, tees, and other supporting products, which have been delivered to customers for 9 times. The 10th batch of goods this week has been produced and ready to be loaded and shipped.


The products delivered this time include:

45 ° ELBOW, B 16.9, BE, A234 Gr.WPB, SCH STD diameter 1m, quantity 6

LR 90 ° ELBOW, B 16.9, BE, A234 Gr.WPB, SCH 40, diameter 400, quantity 10

PIPE, B36.10M, BE, A106 Gr. B, SMLS, SCH 40, diameter 10cm, quantity 20

Haihao Group has advanced production equipment and experienced technical workers. We are specialized in producing flange, elbow, tee, and other pipe products. We have 20 advanced flange and pipe fittings supporting production lines, with an annual output of more than 100000 tons. Haihao has worked in the pipeline field for more than 40 years, supporting the customization and prefabrication of non-standard products. Welcome to consult relevant product services.