4 Way Pumping Tee (Cross)

Haihao Group as a one-stop pipe solution engineering company, we can provide all related products for pipeline.

Last week, we attend a bid through our customer from Kazakhstan, the description and drawing of the products as below: 4 Way Pumping Tee ( Cross ) 2-7/8″ EUE Female Box Bottom Connection x 2-7/8″ EUE Make Pin Top Connection x 2 Each 2” NPT Line Pipe Side Connections ( To mount on top of polished rod BOP ).

4 Way Pumping Tee Cross Drawing

4 Way Pumping Tee Cross Drawing

it’s special products, after communication and discussion with our technical department, preliminary confirmation that we can produce ,then our factory calculate the price to support us to finish the bid work.

Haihao Group can provide the products customized according to customer drawings and products with difficult production processes. We also can provide project supporting products according to project requirements and technical document requirements.

If you have any requests for this kind of products, please feel free to contact Haihao Group.Email:sales@haihaogroup.com