DIN86089 Copper Nickel Concentric Reducer

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One of our Nigeria customer place an order for us recently, all products for CuNi Fer with Standard DIN86089, 267mm – 219.1mm * 3.0mm/ 219.1mm- 159.0mm * 3.0mm,each quantity for 200PCS,

Copper nickel  alloys that have moderate strength and thermal stability in high temperature level,offers excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine salt water environments.

Concentric Pipe Reducers

Concentric Pipe Reducers

Copper nickel alloys have good fabricability and high inherent resistance to biofouling.The main, wrought copper-nickel alloys chosen for sea water service contain 10 or 30 percent nickel. They also have important additions of iron and manganese which are necessary to maintain good corrosion resistance. Copper nickel alloys are of two types that include 90/10 and 70/30. The 90/10 alloys are widely used as they are inexpensive. The 90/10 copper nickel alloys have great resistance to sea water corrosion due to the presence of significant amounts of manganese and iron

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