Flange anti-corrosion will save you at least 200 thousand yuan

A flange does not cost too much, so how does it save you 200 thousand yuan?

The main features of flange connection are convenient disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. Flange plays a connecting role in the pipeline system. Once there is corrosion at the joint, the whole system connected with it will stop operation. The maintenance of a flange may not cost a lot, but the outage of a system will bring huge losses, so it is very important to do a good job in anti-corrosion of the flange itself. We usually paint and oil the flange to prevent corrosion.

Anti corrosion piping

Anti corrosion piping

The anti-corrosion of flange connection is also very important. The anti-corrosion of pipeline flange has always been a technical problem. According to the requirements of anti-corrosion construction specifications, the rust removal quality of anti-corrosive coating is required to reach Sa2.5 level before coating. However, in the flange connection parts, especially the gap between the assembly flanges, due to the difficulty in cleaning the grease and dirt on the surface and gap of the connection parts, the rust removal quality is often difficult to meet the requirements of standards and specifications, the anti-corrosion coating is easy to fall off and can not play the anti-corrosion effect.

Through several years of exploration and test, there is a viscoelastic material flange anti-corrosion technology in the gas transmission pipeline flange. The viscoelastic body used in this new anti-corrosion technology is a kind of polymer material, which is between liquid and solid. In the temperature range of – 50-85 ℃, it will neither flow randomly nor solidify, and it can maintain good air tightness and water tightness.

Flange coating with interthane 990 Polyurethane

Flange coating with interthane 990 Polyurethane

Technical properties of anti-corrosive materials

(1) Material properties of flange corrosion inhibitor

The flange anti-corrosive agent is a kind of anti-corrosive material with high plasticity and high adhesive force. It has the characteristics of high hardness and high plasticity. It is suitable for the surface of rough, unclean and hard to reach equipment. It can be applied in any climatic environment. It can protect the flange gaskets, flange surfaces and bolts. It has excellent corrosion resistance, strong weatherability and anti-aging ability. It can prevent water and oxygen from invading and protect the flange from corrosion, even on the vertical or inclined surface, it will not flow due to gravity.

Cold galvanized slip on flanges finished in Haihao Group

Cold galvanized slip on flanges finished in Haihao Group

(2) Performance of external anti-corrosion tape

The viscoelastic anti-corrosion adhesive tape is easy to use on site. It is specially designed for pipelines or facilities. It can be used for pipelines, flanges, girth welds, valves, pumps and any special-shaped equipment that is difficult to prevent corrosion. It only needs simple rust removal (ST2) on the surface of the equipment, which can completely prevent water from soaking into the buried pipelines or facilities. The anti-corrosive coating has long service life, no storage period limit, no potential safety hazard, no special transportation requirements, no toxicity and no impact on the environment.

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