Overview of pipe branch (Olets)

In recent years, branch (Olet) is widely used in foreign countries, which is used for branch pipe connection, instead of the traditional branch pipe connection types such as reducing tee, reinforcing plate and strengthening pipe section. It has outstanding advantages such as safety and reliability, cost reduction, simple construction, improvement of medium flow channel,series standardization, convenient design and selection, especially in high pressure, high temperature, large diameter and thick wall pipes It is widely used, instead of the traditional branch connection method. The main body of the branch is made of high-quality forgings with the same material as the pipe. The company uses carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials for users to choose. The branch pipe and main pipe are welded, and the connection of branch pipe and branch pipe or other pipes (such as short pipe, plug, etc.), instruments and valves are of butt welding, socket welding, thread and other types.

Outlet pipe fitting weldolets finished in Haihao Group

Outlet pipe fitting weldolets finished in Haihao Group

There are standard type,short type,miter type and elbow type of branch, see the following table for details:

Type Connected Type
GB 19326 Socket welded GB 19326 Pipe thread GB 19326 Butt-welded
Standard SOL (MSS SP-97, Q/FG11  standarad) TOL (MSS SP-97, Q/FG12  standarad) WOL (MSS SP-97, Q/FG13  standarad)
Nipolet SNL (Q/FG14  standarad) TNL (Q/FG14,SHB-PO1) WNL(Q/FG14 standard)
Latrolet SEL (Q/FG15  standarad) TLL (Q/FG15,SHB-PO1) WLL(Q/FG15 standard)
Elbolet TEL (Q/FG16,SHB-PO1) WEL(Q/FG16 standard)