What’s the difference between hot galvanizing pipe fittings and cold galvanizing pipe fittings

In the production and processing of pipe fittingshot galvanizing and cold galvanizing methods are often used to prevent pipe fittings from rusting, especially galvanized elbow and galvanized size head. Customers often according to their own needs and actual engineering, to choose the way of galvanized pipe fitting. There are many differences between the two methods of galvanizing. Let’s analyze them together:

1.Manufacturing process

Hot dip galvanized process requirements are oil removal, pickling, dipping, drying, and cold galvanized process requirements are oil removal, pickling, electrolysis. From this point of view, hot galvanizing production process is more complex, cold galvanizing operation is simple.

Cold galvanized pipe fittings products finished in Haihao Group

Cold galvanized pipe fittings products finished in Haihao Group

2.The principle

The principle of hot galvanizing is to melt the zinc ingot and add some materials, and then put the pipe fitting into zinc solution, so that the inner and outer surface of the pipe fitting is attached with a layer of zinc layer. The principle of cold galvanizing, first is the electrolysis of zinc salt solution, and then directly to the tube on the coating. So hot galvanized relative cold galvanized coating uniform, thick, and not easy to fall off.


Hot galvanized appearance looks thick, texture is stronger, cold galvanized look more smooth, delicate. The zinc layer of hot galvanizing is much thicker than that of cold galvanizing, so its anticorrosion ability is also much higher.


Hot galvanized price is higher than cold galvanized,cold galvanized can choose as long as the outside of a layer of galvanized,there is no inside,and hot galvanized to complete plating.

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