What are the quality control of anticorrosive pipeline process?

The service life of the pipeline is directly related to the anticorrosion construction of the pipeline, so the measures for the anticorrosion construction of the pipeline should be optimized, and the construction quality and key points should be controlled at the same time. In petroleum enterprises, the anti-corrosion quality of pipelines should be strictly constructed, inspected and monitored so that the pipelines will not be corroded or damaged.

Anticorrosive pipeline

Anticorrosive pipeline

Anti-corrosive pipeline

In order to ensure the smooth progress of anti-corrosion construction, we should strengthen the quality control of the construction process under the condition of ensuring the raw materials are qualified.(The function of anticorrosive coating for pipeline products)

The external anticorrosion of the pipeline is mainly completed in the workshop. The current anticorrosion methods include cleaning the pipeline surface,derusting by sandblasting, spraying adhesive on the primer and wrapping with polyethylene, etc.

3PE anti corrosion coating steel pipes

3PE anti corrosion coating steel pipes

These automatic anti-corrosion methods are less affected by human, and the environment of anti-corrosion workshop is better. The key point of such quality monitoring is to send an independent third party management to supervise the anti-corrosion process, strengthen the factory’s monitoring of raw materials and the quality control of the project.

According to the data, in the current actual production process, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the products through the supervision of good anticorrosion quality in the workshop.

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