Haihao Group’s large forgings undergo rigorous inspection

After successfully completing the production of some large forgings, Haihao Group partnered with a third-party inspection agency commissioned by PetroChina to conduct a comprehensive quality inspection. This inspection covered dimensional checks and non-destructive testing (NDT), and through the meticulous records of the inspectors, we narrate in detail the stringent inspection process.

Large forgings

Large forgings

1.Dimensional Checks:

The quality inspection process commenced with a thorough examination of the external dimensions of the large forgings. Inspectors used high-precision measuring tools to meticulously measure the dimensions of each forging, ensuring compliance with the design specifications. This step is crucial to ensure that the forgings fit perfectly during installation and usage.

2.Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):

Subsequently, the forgings underwent non-destructive testing to detect any surface or potential internal defects, such as cracks or inclusions. This highly specialized technique, employing advanced probing methods, allowed inspectors to comprehensively assess the quality and integrity of each forging.

3.Detailed Records:

Inspectors meticulously recorded the results of each stage of the inspection. This included any defects detected, precise measurements of external dimensions, and an overall quality assessment. This step is essential for ensuring the traceability of the inspection process, providing a foundation for future improvements.

Non-destructive testing of large forgings

Non-destructive testing of large forgings

4.Inspection Results:

Through the rigorous quality inspection process, the quality of the large forgings was thoroughly validated. The inspection results indicated that these forgings not only met the expected standards in external dimensions but also exhibited excellent performance in non-destructive testing, with no significant defects detected.

The success of this quality inspection signifies Haihao Group’s professional strength in the field of large forging production. Our unwavering efforts and commitment to excellence continue to lead to success in meeting customer expectations and industry standards. As a dedicated partner, we will persist in providing high-quality products and services to our customers.