Haihao Group’s leading processes for different forged steel components

In a recent collaboration with PetroChina, Haihao Group, renowned as a specialist in the pipeline system domain, is contributing its expertise to the manufacturing of large-scale forgings. Positioned at the forefront of forging technology, Haihao Group invites you to explore the intricate processes involved in forging various steel components.

Crafting Large Axial Forgings: The workflow for crafting large axial forgings entails a sequence of steps: upset forging → primary deformation → separation → final product output. The primary deformation phase offers flexibility, allowing for the selection of techniques such as wide flat anvil high-temperature compression, central compaction, stress-free forging at the center, wide anvil compaction forging, or other suitable methods. These methods ensure ample forging ratios, guaranteeing thorough forging across the entire cross-section. For larger cross-sectional dimensions, increasing upsetting or upsetting during roughing can enhance forging ratios, among other methods.

Large forgings

Large forgings

Forging Processes for Large Cylinder Components: The general workflow for large cylinder forgings involves material preparation → upsetting → punching → expanding holes. In the case of extended large cylinder forgings, an additional core axis stretching step may follow the punching process. To ensure sufficient forging ratios, measures like increased stretching or upsetting before material preparation can be employed, enhancing the overall forging ratios through strategic methods.

Creating Large Disc-Shaped Forgings: The typical process for large disc-shaped forgings comprises upsetting → primary deformation → material preparation → upsetting and expanding. The primary deformation for disc-shaped forgings can refer to the process outlined for large axial forgings. Following upsetting and expanding for hollow disc forgings, an additional punching step is recommended. During the expansion phase, employing a well-thought-out method ensures uniform compaction and deformation of disc-shaped forgings.

Haihao Group’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its mastery of these forging processes. By seamlessly integrating advanced techniques and tailoring processes to the unique requirements of each forging type, Haihao Group continues to uphold its position as a leading expert in the field of forging technology.If your project requires large forgings, please feel free to contact us.