The factory still delivers goods before the National Day

The National Day is a festival for the whole country to celebrate. Next week, Haihao Group will welcome a week of National Day holiday. Before the holiday, the factory of Haihao Group is still busy. Today, two batches of goods will be delivered to customers in Singapore and Spain respectively. The goods have been packed and will be delivered today, just meeting the customer’s time requirements.

pipe fittings and flanges were shipped

pipe fittings and flanges were shipped

Each batch of goods will go through a strict quality inspection process before shipment, including internal inspection and external inspection. After checking, we will take photos of the goods and the list and send them to the customer for confirmation. After confirming that there is no problem, we can ship the goods. At the same time, the products will be packaged according to the standards to ensure that no damage will occur on the way.

Haihao Group attaches great importance to service details. No matter before or during the sale and after the sale, Haihao has special personnel to follow up. We specialize in the production of flanges, steel pipes, pipe fittings, elbows, tees, four-ways, valves and other pipe fittings. If you need help with related pipeline projects, please contact us directly, and we will solve all your problems.