A brief introduction of steel pipe lined with cement mortar

As the pipeline has been buried in the ground for a long time, with the passage of time, the characteristics of the external soil and the settlement of the terrain will affect the corrosion, leakage, site, perforation and other factors of the pipeline, resulting in serious losses. Therefore, cement mortar is one of the main anti-corrosion points of water supply metal pipes in large and medium-sized cities.

Cement mortar anticorrosive steel pipe is lined with ordinary cement and a certain thickness of yellow sand and admixtures. According to the design proportion, mixed with mortar, through special engineering machinery and equipment, on the pipeline coated with a certain thickness of mortar coating, solidified into mortar lining.Cement mortar lining, rely on their own adhesive force and pipe wall support, the structure is uniform, dense, firm. The cement mortar lining is not only a simple barrier to physical performance, but also protects the pipeline through the chemical properties of the cement mortar lining.

Steel pipe lined with cement mortar

Steel pipe lined with cement mortar

Cement mortar anticorrosive concrete-filled steel pipe column has few components, few welds, simple structure, cup mouth and cup shaped column foot are often used in column foot, relatively simple factory production, member weight is small, convenient transportation and hoisting, simple construction, steel pipe freestone column is wrapped with steel plate.

When mortar layer and pipeline, alkaline forming passivation area, the pipe wall after water through the water to infiltrate is rich in alkaline in the composition of the cement mortar, the time it reaches the wall no longer is corrosive, convenient with cement mortar coating materials, short time limit, good antiseptic effect, and low pipe engineering cost, given the advantages of cement mortar, the anticorrosion performance and fuel economy more and more get the attention of the department of engineering technology at home and abroad.

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