Steel prices rose to a 10-year high in China

Some time ago, the price of sand skyrocketed on the hot search.But besides sand, the price of steel, another tough material for the infrastructure industry, has also soared.

According to the data, since the start of construction after the end of this year, steel demand is high, the market continues to hot, and steel prices are soaring, the average price per ton of last year’s low more than 1000 yuan.

According to statistics, at the end of March, the steel long material price index was 142.76 points, up 5.78% month-on-month, and the steel plate price index was 141.83 points, up 8.13% month-on-month.

Seamless pipes A106 Gr B

Seamless pipes A106 Gr B

Why the price of steel suddenly ushered in such a high rise?

The first is supply and demand.Global steel resources are limited, but the demand is on the rise.After the outbreak, China started large-scale construction and infrastructure projects. According to incomplete statistics released by the National Development and Reform Commission, 10,000 major projects were started, with a total investment of RMB4412.414 billion.Demand for steel as a necessity is bound to soar.

On the other hand, in addition to the domestic supply of steel, China is also the world’s main exporter of steel products, domestic demand and external supply, leading to the whole steel market demand has been large, eventually leading to steel prices continue to go up!

Steel can be called the skeleton of modern industry, widely used in construction and infrastructure projects, steel prices rise, will inevitably lead to some construction enterprises cost increase.In the short term, the domestic steel market prices will maintain a high adjustment trend, perhaps such a state will continue!