Embracing the Green Hydrogen Era: 2023 China hydrogen industry summit

The 2023 China Hydrogen Industry Summit, with the theme “Embracing the Green Hydrogen Era for a Carbon-Free Future,” is set to take place from November 7th to 8th at the Qiaoshan Cultural Center in Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong. This event, combining both physical and virtual participation, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of clean energy.

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The opening ceremony and keynote speeches, to be held on November 7th and 8th, will provide insights into the evolving landscape of the hydrogen energy industry. It will address the phased directions, pathways, and development strategies required for the healthy growth of this industry, with a specific focus on policy and macro perspectives.The Academic Forum, slated for November 9th, will adopt a forward-looking approach, concentrating on the latest global research and technological trends in the hydrogen energy industry. It will explore the prospects for large-scale development and emphasize advancements at the forefront of technology, widening horizons and envisioning the future.

South China’s Nanhai District, known as the “First Region for Hydrogen Energy,” boasts a complete hydrogen energy industrial chain.

Nanhai District has nurtured a hydrogen energy ecosystem, covering production, education, research, and application, over more than a decade of continuous industrial development. This includes hydrogen source production, storage, transportation, refueling, and utilization.

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South China is solidifying its position as a hub for hydrogen energy development and innovating at the technological frontier to drive high-quality industry development. In line with this, Foshan will continue to improve the industry chain, advance the research and development and industrialization of key components, strengthen hydrogen energy infrastructure, explore hydrogen applications in transportation, industry, electricity, energy storage, agriculture, and communities, and gradually steer the industry towards market-oriented development. Foshan’s Xiwan Laboratory is currently conducting research into ammonia-hydrogen fusion new energy technologies, exploring the potential of hydrogen energy for carbon reduction in industrial production.

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